Stay Safe, Be Compliant. Have Peace Of Mind in Knowing You Are Keeping Your Customers Safe.

Food Safety Courses

Trained staff are always a benefit to any business.
Someone once said that training is expensive and time consuming.Food Hygiene Courses
It isn't with Food and Hygiene as your training provider.
We can deliver either accredited or bespoke training at a timescale and budget to suit your business.
Still not convinced then call for a chat and see how we can help you.

Some of the benefits of training staff include:

  • Protects and motivates your staff.
  • Protects your customers.
  • Improves safety.
  • Can help improve your food hygiene rating.
  • Less time having to supervise your staff.Book your place HERE on the Hot COurses Website
  • Staff have an understanding of legislation regarding food safety.
  • Good reputation.
  • Customer confidence
  • Return custom.
  • Increase profits.

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Food Safety L1

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Food Safety L2

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Food Safety L3


We choose high quality venues to conduct the courses but our courses can be:

  • Completed on your premises (very cost effective and less disruption to staff)
  • Be completed over a number days.
  • During a night shift, Mornings, Afternoons or even weekends
If you require something special
we will always try to accommodate.
Give me a call to have a chat


Prices will vary depending upon your location 
and numbers being trained. 
Please contact me for a competitive quote. 
Freephone 08008145399

(There may be some travelling & 
accommodation expenses if not local).