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Consulting Service

Food Safety Consultancy Service

Our independent and confidential consulting service can help recognise any non conformity`s, 
good practices and your own internal policies.

We endeavour to say YES to any of our clients requirements. Our clients know that because we work around their business and we have the ability to sort out their issues they keep coming back.  

Here are some of the things we can assist with:

  • Telephone helpline and emergency email support
  • Food safety audits
  • Food safety incidents and food poisoning Investigations
  • SFBB & HACCP Packs 
  • Food poisoning complaints
  • Help with improving food hygiene ratings
  • Food supply chain assurance
  • Food Hygiene Rating Predictions


If you believe that you may need help then do not hesitate to call, a chat doesn't cost anything but could save you thousands.

CALL TODAY 01827826141 or FREEPHONE 08008145399