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Food Safety Tips

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Practical steps to keep your kitchen safe.
  1. Personal hygiene is a critical part of food safety with regular and thorough hand washing throughout the working day.  
  2. Cleaning the workplace in a systematic and methodical manner.   
  3. Using disposable cloths will go a big way to prevent the spread of bacteria around your kitchen.  
  4. Good temperature control is vital to help prevent the growth of bacteria in food. Storing food below 5°c and above 63°c is essential.  
  5. Pest control is vital to prevent physical and bacterial contamination of food premises. Having pests in your kitchen and closure is almost guaranteed.  
  6. The right staff facilities are essential to prevent cross contamination, do you have enough hand wash basins, paper towels and soap? Does your staff have access to clean toilets?  
  7. Staff should be trained in handling food in a safe manner and should understand the company policies and procedures.  
  8. Stock rotation is important to prevent using food items that have passed their use by date, using simple date labelling system is ideal.   
  9. HACCP should be simple to understand and practical, everyone involved should be trained in how to use it and understand what it is there for.  
  10. Record keeping should become second nature, keep as much records as practically possible for your due diligence defence.  
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